Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gifts Galore

(December 2010)

                Ever since I starting making amigurumis, I haven’t bought my niece or nephew gifts. I thought my handmade toys were more special, tailor made to suit their personalities. Each gift giving event was a chance for me to show how much I love them.

                For Max’s Christmas present, I wanted something to reflect his love of flying machines. I had already made him a hot air balloon with a bear. To continue the collection, I made him an airplane. The pattern can be found in Amigurumi Two! by Ana Paula Rimoli. If there was enough room on the airplane’s tail wing, I would have added “Max Airline”.

                Chloe loves dogs. I think she believes she’s a puppy some of the time. I had gone on a buying spree and bought a whole bunch of Japanese amigurumi pattern books and one of them was Ami Ami Dogs, Volume 3. Inside was a pattern for a dog purse, which I named the Pooch Pouch. J The purse portion is actually the dogs head and then it has a tiny little body attached. The purse needed a lining so I went to the store to search for a cute fabric. I found the perfect one to make the inside of the purse match the outside. My sister tells me that Chloe keeps her money in her Pooch Pouch because it’s the safest place to keep her things!

                Usually I only make amigurumis for my niece and nephew, but when I ran across a pattern for Totoro by hellcat_heaven on, I had to make it for my twin sister. Suzi and I grew up watching Totoro and loving the movie. We had even gotten a toy making kit to make a giant Totoro, but the end result was a lumpy pillow thing that looked kind of like a Totoro. I think my crochet  version was more successful because Suzi immediately know what it was when she opened her gift!

                Some people have asked about the fruit bouquet in the background. It was from Edible Arrangements and was delicious! I highly recommend buying a bouquet for special occasions. Chloe couldn’t wait to each the chocolate-covered strawberries.

                Thanks again for joining me this week! See you next week!

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