Sunday, February 6, 2011

My A-ha Moments (Part 1)

(September 2010)

I was having fun with making amigurumis as a hobby, but never thought of it as a business venture. I didn’t realize there was a market for crocheted toys until I started getting requests from my family and friends. The idea a business was starting with a series of events…
My friend Fabiola was having a baby soon and she wanted me to make her a set of amigurumi animals to match the nursery she was planning for her baby.  Anyone who knows Fabiola knew that she is strictly against pink and blue, so we decided that her colors would be yellow and green. My plan was to make an assortment of small animals using only yellow, green, tan, and white yarns. As soon as I had my parameters, I started planning
In the end, I made 5 small animals for Sofia’s nursery (by then Fabiola knew she was having a girl). I also included a very happy looking sun in the present box because every baby deserves a bit of sunshine. Most of the patterns came from a magazine called Crochet Today, which happened to be featuring patterns for amigurumi animals that month. It was fate! The other patterns came from books by Ana Paula Rimoli, which I mentioned in my previous posts.

 Pattern from Crochet Today

 Pattern from Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli

Pattern adapted from Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli

Pattern from Crochet Today 

Pattern from  Amigurumi Two! by Ana Paul Rimoli

Fabiola's Baby Shower Gift Box

Seeing the amigurumis I made for Fabiola’s Baby Shower inspired my sister to ask me to participate in her son’s school Craft Fair Fundraiser.  It was a small craft fair, but I had never made amigurumis on such a grand scale before, so I was hesitant at first, but I knew this was the challenge I was waiting for. This would let me jump from the fish bowl to the little pond. More on that next week in Part Two!

Thank you for joining me again this week! See you next week!

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