Sunday, May 8, 2011

Amigurumis, Martha Stewart Style

          Imagine my delight when one Sunday afternoon, I take the dogs to Petsmart and find that Martha Stewart came out with a line of crochet dog toys! My first thought was, “Ohhh, I want one of each!” Luckily, my dogs don’t really like playing with stuffed toys, so the squeak toys were all for me. Actually, I ended up only buying 2 toys, the watermelon and apple. I rationalized that it was market research.

          Martha’s squeak toys don’t actually qualify as being Amigurumis because they don’t have anthropomorphic features, but they are still cute. The reason I bought the apple and watermelon was because they had some crochet stitches that I hadn’t seen before in any patterns online. I wanted to reverse engineer the toys to learn something from them. Don’t worry, I didn’t dismantle my new found treasures because that would be sacrilegious, but I did learn a lot from them.

          I decided to make an updated version of my apple. This apple was going to be for Josh (Remember the boy who loves orange?). I promised to add to Josh’s fruit collection. I used my old apple pattern, added the Martha Stewart touch, and made it my own.

          The main difference between my previous apples to this updated apple is the stem and leaf. Similar to Martha’s toy apple, the stem and leaf are puffy and squeezable. I think it made a cute apple, ridiculously adorable. Thank you Martha Stewart!

          I met up with Josh and his mom, Sharon, for brunch one Saturday where I gave Josh his apple. He loved it! He said it matches the orange I gave him. He also promises to share it with his new sister, who was 3 weeks away from being born.

          I think I’ve moved beyond the beginner’s category of Amigurumi maker, but I’m still constantly learning new things about crocheting, sometimes from unexpected places. I’m happy every time I’m able to add to my knowledge base because that allows me to be more creative in the future. I can’t wait to see what I else I can do!

          Thanks for joining me again this week. See you next week!

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