Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another Jungle Friend

          My friends Jessica and Ruben invited me to a very special occasion: the baptism of their son, Ruben Agustin (the little boy with the jungle friends). I wanted to give baby Ruben a unique gift by adding to his animal collection. This time I made him a monkey.

          I wanted to make the monkey so that it would match the lion I had previously made so I took the pattern for the lion and adapted it. The body, arms, and legs for both Amigurumis are the same pattern so that they would be approximately the same size. I used light brown yarn at the limbs so that the monkey would have paws. The tail is also substantially longer than the lion, with a pip cleaner inside so that it can bend. Of course, the head of the monkey is very different. I didn’t want the new Amigurumi to look like a brown lion without a mane, so the monkey has big round ears and a light brown face. I think it looks like a monkey, don’t you? 

I added the bow because it’s a cheeky monkey!

Ruben Agustin still needs a zebra, elephant, and giraffe to complete his collection. Hopefully I can finish those before he gets too big for his nursery.

Thanks again for joining me this week! See you next week!

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