Sunday, May 22, 2011

Giant Turtle for Marcela

          On the same day I met up with Sharon and Josh for brunch (where I gave them the ballerina cat and apple), I also went to a baby shower later that afternoon. This one was for my good friend, Minerva, who’s also having baby girl named Marcela Athena. This seems to be the season of little girls. Minerva is my friend Fabiola’s older sister. Remember Fabiola, mother of baby Sophia? For Fabiola’s baby shower, I made an assortment of animals and added a happy sun.

          A couple of weeks earlier, when I was getting ready to make Minerva’s baby shower gift, I asked Minerva what she had planned for her daughter’s nursery. She said the colors will be yellow and green (very popular this year) and that she wants lots of animals. I found out her favorite animals are monkeys and turtles. When I heard turtles, I had a sudden flash of inspiration. I remembered that Fabiola also got a turtle in her little collection. So I wanted to make Minerva a turtle too, but instead of making several small turtles, I was going to make her one giant turtle!

          Using the same technique I learned while making the giant owl for Lilly and giant Totoro for Will, I set out to make a giant turtle. Basically, I would start by using the same pattern from the little turtle, except I would use “super bulky” size yarn and a larger crochet hook. The best brand I found so far for super bulky yarn is Lion Brand Yarn’s Hometown USA series of yarn. The crochet hook I used was a 10mm thick hook. As I started making the turtle, I had to modify the pattern a bit in order to make the turtle even larger.

          As you can see from the pictures below, this turtle is significantly bigger than the first one I made. Just to give you perspective, the first turtle is about the size of one of the legs on this giant turtle! The best part about this giant turtle is that it’s plushy and soft to squeeze! I couldn’t stop hugging it when I was done!

          Minerva was shocked by the size of the turtle! She loved it! She had the biggest smile on her face and she immediately started hugging the turtle next to her large, pregnant belly. It’s moments like that this that makes my effort so worthwhile! I love it!

                Thanks for joining me again this week. See you next week!


  1. Susan! You are so thoughtful and so talented. This is ADORABLE!! :) LUUUVE it.

  2. Oh wow, both the huge size and sheer unreal cuteness of that turtle are awe-inspiring. It looks like the most wonderfully huggable thing ever! Now I want to try a giant ami of my own, working with such bulky yarn seems like it would be different and fun.

  3. Yes, using the bulky yarn and larger crochet hook is definitely different. Get ready for an arm work-out! :)

  4. How can I buy a turtle just like this but with light blue instead of the white color ...and the exact green color with the blue? My email is: Thanks!