Monday, June 27, 2011

Giant Octopus for Sofia

          When my friend Fabiola saw the giant turtle I made for her sister’s baby shower, she asked me to make a giant size octopus for her baby girl, Sofia. The last time I made an octopus for Sofia, it was tiny enough to hold in one hand. The cute little octopus now hangs in a mobile along with her other Amigurumi friends, watching over Sofia as she sleeps at night.

          As with the turtle I made before, I used very thick yarn and a large crochet hook. I used so much of the green yarn that they ran out of it at the store. I had to order some online so I could finish the toy. The octopus’s body was big and took a lot of yarn to make, but there were also 8 legs!

          After finishing the octopus, I thought it was really cute, but it was missing something, a finishing touch. Then it dawned on me that the octopus was too green. It needed some yellow too, which was the other color that Sofia had in her nursery. I looked up some flower crochet patterns and found one I really like. The pattern’s called “Irish Rose”. I loved how it turned out. The large flowers doubles as a fashionable hat, just like the ones they were at the royal wedding.


          Sofia is such an adorable baby. She has cheeks you just want to kiss! Fabiola says she wakes up smiling. When we put Sofia next to the octopus, they were the same size! She like her toy and started to play with it right away. They are so cute together!

          I’m so happy I can make my friend and her little girl happy. I love that I can do that with my Amigurumis! Thanks for joining me again. See you next week!

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