Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sarsel-gurumi (Part 2)

          I wasn't able to fit all of the creations I made from Sarsel's patterns in the last blog, Sarsel-gurmi (Part 1). Here are the rest of them, including some with my own twists!

Francis the Piglet was so fun to make. Making him taught me how important the shape of the head can be to show what kind of animal the Amigurumi is supposed to be. Without the cute pink snout, Francis can be a cat or a bear, but his snout gives him away as a pig. Of course, Francis’s cute curly tail and perky ears also helps.


Sheldon the Rabbit is an Amigurumi for the winter season. His green beanie, vest, and matching scarf are perfect for the bunny slopes. I bet Sheldon’s large ears would be very aerodynamic. When I was making the beanie for Sheldon, I learned how to make holes in the clothes for bunny ears. This will come in handy for tails too!


Kari the Panda is cute and cuddly just like her real life counterparts. She looks unique from the other patterns by Sarsel but her basic shapes at the same. Just by adding a few more stitches here and another round of stitches there, you get an Amigurumi with a completely different shape.


Stella the Mouse is such a sweet little Amigurumi. She’s much smaller in size than all the other of Sarsel’s patterns, but she’s definitely not lacking in personality. With her cute round ears and inquisitive nose, you can almost image her asking for a cookie. Her little shawl keeps her nice and warm. 


One part I added to Stella was a tail. I thought she was missing something without it.

Remember in one of my last blogs when I said that Felicity the Fox looked naked compared to all the other animals? Well, I made her some overalls. Now, I might call him Fabian the Fox instead. He looks more like a little boy fox. The technique I learned from making Sheldon’s beanie helped in making the tail home for Fabian’s overalls. Now he can fit his tail through his new pants.


For my last project, I wanted to make Sarsel’s pattern for Huey the Cat. Since I already made Tara the Cat, I wanted to change Huey to another animal to add to my growing collection. I change Huey into a dog! He still has the same elements as Sarsel’s Amigurumi cat, but how he has brown ears and a spot. Huey is sporting some boots, a puffy vest, and a cool blue beanie. He’s ready to hit the slopes!


          I learned so much from Sarsel’s patterns! I’m so excited to use some of the new techniques for my patterns in the future. If you like the Amigurumis I made and would like to make some for yourself, check our Sarsel’s Etsy page.

Thanks for joining me again. See you next week!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sarsel-gurumi (Part 1)

          In a previous post I wrote: “A great store I found on Etsy was by Sarsel. Sarsel’s Amigurumi designs are so unique from anything I’ve ever seen before. The patterns in her shop are intermediate level crochet, which was great for me because I was ready to learn more crochet techniques, but the biggest reason I love Sarsel’s shop is because her patterns are of Amigurumi animals dressed in wonderfully chic clothes. Each animal is different and has its own personality. I couldn’t help myself, I bought all of Sarsel’s patterns.”

          I’m happy to report that I finished making all of the toys from Sarsel’s patterns. Making the toys was a great learning experience because there were so many crochet techniques I had never tried before. I learned something new from all 8 toys I made.

          Tara the Cat was the first Amigurumi I made from Sarsel’s pattern. She was the first one I saw online that I really wanted to make. Tara has so much personality! From making Tara, I learned how to make shaped feet, attach the legs to the body without seams, and most of all add a thumb to the hand! Just these details make a huge difference in the look of the toys.

Penny the Rabbit was the next one I made. She’s so sweet! You can almost image her twirling in an old-fashioned music box. When I made Penny, I learned to shape the head so that her nose and mouth are more pronounced. Her ears also took some forming to get them to stand up. Her pink dress also has a frilly bottom edge that makes it a tutu. I loved learning to crochet clothes for the Amigurumis. I want to make different outfits for them!

I loved making Felicty the Fox because she had so many different elements that made her a fox. Her has black tips on her ears that make her different from a cat already. Then she has black hands and feet, that can double as shoes and gloves! Her tail has a white tip and puffs out. Making Felicity taught me that a lot of the Amigurumis have the same elements, but it’s the details and the color choices that really show their true character. The only thing I would change about Felicity is that she looks naked. I want to make her a dress or some overalls. Maybe even a flower for her head.

          If you are interested in purchasing any of the patterns I’ve mentioned above, please visit Sarsel’s sore on

Join me next week to see the rest of the Amigurmi’s I made from Sarsel’s patterns. There’s Francis the Piglet, Sheldon the Rabbit, Kari the Panda, and Stella the Mouse. There’s also special creation by me!

Thanks for joining me again. See you next week!