Sunday, September 25, 2011

Audrey the Pink Bunny

          Last year, the most requested colors were green and yellow, but this year pink is in. Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot more requests for pink Amigurumis. There are more baby girls being born this year. Don’t think that I’m complaining. I happen to love the color pink; the brighter, the better.

          My sister-in-law, Christie, asked me to make a gift for a baby shower she was attending. She didn’t really know what she wanted me to make and the new mother wasn’t so picky, so we had a hard time coming up with just the right toy. Since the expectant mother was Chinese, we decided on a rabbit in celebration of the Chinese Zodiac. The bunny would be pink because the baby was a girl.

When I got the go ahead to make a rabbit, I immediately thought of using the patterns I bought from Sarsel’s page on I love her wonderfully creative patterns and already made all the ones I bought (see my previous blog entry), but I was excited at the opportunity to make more. I combined Sarsel’s patterns for Pennythe Rabbit (dress), Sheldon the Rabbit (head and ears), and Tara the Cat (body, arms, and legs) in order to adapt a pattern for Audrey the Pink Bunny (named after the baby).

          I added some special touches to Audrey the Bunny to make her more fashionable and unique. Every girl loves a cute outfit, but the accessories make it special.

          She has a dark pink belt trim.

          And matching dark pink stitches on her ballet flats.

          Of course, I had to give her a flower on her head. 

          This seems to be my new calling card. If I could, I would put a flower on top of all my Amigurumis, even the ones for boy! I might have to think a little bit more about that one.       

          Thanks for joining me this week! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fruit Basket

          Amigurumi fruit will always have a special place in my heart. The first amigurumi I ever made was an apple from “Amigurumi World” by Ana Paula Rimoli. It took me a long time to learn how to crochet, but I when I finally did finish my first Amigurumi, I was hook (literally and figuratively)! It’s been 3 years and I’ve moved on to much more complicated projects, but I still make a fruit from time to time, just to gauge how far I’ve come in my crochet skills. It’s also really fun to see how cute I can make the fruit!

          I’ve posted about this Amigurumi apple before when I gushed over the Martha Stewart's crochet dog toys. I made it last April and it was the first fruit Amigurumi that I attempted to cuti-fy. It definitely looks different from my first apple.

My first Amigurumis, an apple and a pear.
My apple
Martha Stewart's apple vs. my apple
          Then I thought it would be fun to update other fruit Amigurumis. The second Amigurumi I ever made was a pear. I tried to make it so that each different fruit had some of the same features to that they look like they belong to the same series. They all have shiny big eyes, pink cheeks, and a smile.

My pear
          Then came the orange.

My orange
          Then, inspired by Martha Steward again, I made the watermelon wedge. This one was harder to make because it’s not the usual crocheting in the round. After a lot of trial and error, I finally make a version of the Amigurumi watermelon I was satisfied with. I was trying so hard to avoid taking apart Martha’s watermelon slice to reverse engineer the toy. I was afraid I wouldn’t able to put it back together again. It’s still not an exact match, but I think it’s pretty close.

My watermelon slice
Martha Stewart's watermelon vs. my watermelon
          And of course, there’s the pineapple I recently made for Katie. You can read about it at my previous blog entry: Aloha Pineapple.

          I still have a few more Amigurumi fruit I’d like to make. This is definitely an ongoing project. As my sister said, "You'll end up with a complete fruit basket!"

          Thanks for joining me this week!