Sunday, September 25, 2011

Audrey the Pink Bunny

          Last year, the most requested colors were green and yellow, but this year pink is in. Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot more requests for pink Amigurumis. There are more baby girls being born this year. Don’t think that I’m complaining. I happen to love the color pink; the brighter, the better.

          My sister-in-law, Christie, asked me to make a gift for a baby shower she was attending. She didn’t really know what she wanted me to make and the new mother wasn’t so picky, so we had a hard time coming up with just the right toy. Since the expectant mother was Chinese, we decided on a rabbit in celebration of the Chinese Zodiac. The bunny would be pink because the baby was a girl.

When I got the go ahead to make a rabbit, I immediately thought of using the patterns I bought from Sarsel’s page on I love her wonderfully creative patterns and already made all the ones I bought (see my previous blog entry), but I was excited at the opportunity to make more. I combined Sarsel’s patterns for Pennythe Rabbit (dress), Sheldon the Rabbit (head and ears), and Tara the Cat (body, arms, and legs) in order to adapt a pattern for Audrey the Pink Bunny (named after the baby).

          I added some special touches to Audrey the Bunny to make her more fashionable and unique. Every girl loves a cute outfit, but the accessories make it special.

          She has a dark pink belt trim.

          And matching dark pink stitches on her ballet flats.

          Of course, I had to give her a flower on her head. 

          This seems to be my new calling card. If I could, I would put a flower on top of all my Amigurumis, even the ones for boy! I might have to think a little bit more about that one.       

          Thanks for joining me this week! 

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