Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fight on! USC Turtle

I’ve received many requests from my friends and family for special Amigurumis they’d like me to make for them, but this one has a special place in my heart. Mel, a friend, asked me to make an animal in USC colors. She wanted the turtle because the mother-to-be is a USC alumni and it will match the nursery. I was so excited to be able to honor the Cardinal and Gold because I'm an USC alumni too!

Luckily, the craft store had the exact colors I was looking for in the bulky weight yarn because the turtle had to be a nice size for a baby shower gift. Mel wanted an Amigurumi that wasn’t the giant size I made, but not too small either. I had to re-write my pattern and change the numbers so that the turtle will come out medium sized.

          I started making the turtle by crocheting the shell. This way, I can preview how big the turtle will be before I finish. The first shell I made came out a little big. Instead of unwinding the entire thing, I started with a second shell, this time a little smaller. This one was the perfect size for Mel. After I finished the first turtle, I had enough yarn to go back and finish the second turtle!

          Mel loved the USC turtle! She was so excited to give it to her friend. I still have the second USC turtle at my house. I plan to sell it at my nephew’s school craft fair or it’ll be my first item to sell on Unless anyone else would like it!

          Mel also made another unique request, but I'll save that for next week. Thanks for joining me again! 

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