Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Witch

          Happy Halloween!

          I got a request to make a baby shower gift for a baby expected around Halloween. Lots of ideas were discussed: a Hello Kitty ghost, a pumpkin head doll, and others. In the end I suggested a little witch doll since the baby was a girl.

          I made her wearing a black dress, shoes and a pointy witch’s hat all trimmed in purple. Her hair is bright orange and separated into 2 braids. I think I want to same hair for Halloween too!

          Sorry I didn’t get a chance to take more detailed pictures. My friend was in such a hurry to give this to the mom-to-be that I forgot to take more picture before giving it to him. I think this is a doll I will definitely make again, because she’s so cute! I think a holiday themed collection would be adorable. What do you think?

          I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! Enjoy the candy and remember to share! 


  1. I think that the witch doll was a perfect idea for a baby shower. I love the witches dress and the witches hat both. I think that there are a lot of potential options for Halloween. And I also think that there are so many different ideas for other holidays as well.

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  2. Me too! I thought about a making a series of dolls for each holiday.